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Pro-Tech Products, an industry leader and innovator of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) commercial roofing products and insulation, manufactures high-performance Commercial and Residential Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing solutions in the Pro-Tech™ premier line of roofing and coating systems. Pro-Tech™ Foam is the best spray foam thermal insulation commercially available. The SPF technology behind Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System has been around for over 35 years, making this a tested solution for your next roofing project. Lightweight and durable, the Pro-Tech™ line can save building owners maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption. For the contractor, these spray foam-roofing systems are easy to apply and adapt easily to uniquely shaped structures and difficult-to-flash penetrations.

When you’re designing a building or specifying products for new construction, your goal is to get the highest quality supplies at the most reasonable cost for yourself and the building’s owner. That’s why you need to consider Pro-Tech Products’ roofing systems and coatings for your next project.

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Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System

The Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System provides both weatherproofing and insulation in one solution. All of the components in Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System and coatings contain the finest raw materials that we secure from reliable sources made in America. Once manufactured, all of our roofing products undergo rigorous quality control testing for conformity to Pro-Tech Products’ strict standards and specifications. By ensuring our roofing products meet our standards, we ensure they will meet your exacting expectations for your next roofing project.

Pro-Tech Products’ Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System and coatings are durable. Pro-Tech Products’ SPF and coatings are watertight, seamless and wind resistant, proven under monsoon and hurricane conditions. In fact, because SPF can be recoated multiple times, there are buildings that still have coated foam roofs that were installed over 20 years ago. This means a roof never has to be replaced; only recoated, saving time and money.

The Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System and many of our coatings meet critical industry ratings required for most commercial and residential projects. The end result is a superior roof, offering high performance and exceptional value.

Pro-Tech Products’ Pro-Tech™ SPF roof will lower your building’s energy costs, keep your tenants more comfortable, and require less of your time in repairs and maintenance. Add up the benefits and it’s easy to see that Pro-Tech Products’ Pro-Tech™ Foam Roofing System is the roofing solution for you.

If you have a technical question about any of Pro-Tech Products’ Pro-Tech™ Roofing System or coatings, we offer on-site technical representatives to help solve your most daunting roofing problems.

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Specification Files

01 Roof Drain
02 Pipe Flashing Detail
03 Foamstop Detail
04 Flashing at Parapet
05 Scupper Detail
06 Fluted Metal Decking
07 Flashing at Parapet
08 Flashing at Parapet
09 Metal Roof / Internal Gutter
10 Electrical Box / Wall Mount
11 Swamp Cooler Platform
12 Raised Site Screen Mount
13 Site Screen Mounting Blocks
14 Guy Wire Stanchion
15 Roof Hatch
16 Pipe Support (Typical)
17 Lightning Rod
18 Conduit & Pipe Support
19 Moisture Relief Vent
20 Eave to Flat Roof
21 Shingle or Tile “Tie-in”
22 Standing Seam Deck
23 Roof Deck
24 Wall to Roof Flash
25 Wall Detail
26 Parapet Wall w/ Coping
27 Parapet Wall w/ Counterflashing
28 Existing Parapet w/ Coping
29 Lower Roof / Upper Wall
30 Foam Roof & Parapet Wall
31 Metal Parapet Cap
32 Wall Detail
33 Sloped Roof Eave Detail
34 Metal Roof Eave
35 Metal Edge Detail
36 Standard Edge w/ Metal Flashing
37 Metal w/ Flashing and Raised Edge
38 Gutter
39 Repair Detail
40 Spray Foam Tie-in
41 Equipment Base Flashing
42 Foam Roof & Parapet Wall
43 Plumbing Vent
44 Pipe Penetration
45 Hot Stack / Storm Collar
46 Overflow Flashing
47 Scupper Through Wall
48 Scupper Through Wall (Isometric)
49 Thru-Wall Scupper
50 Scupper
51 Raised Curb Detail (Various)
52 Raised Curb Detail
53 HVAC / Equipment Platform
54 A/C Unit Curb
55 Mechanical Curb
56 Building Foam Roof Joint
57 Roof Expansion Joint
58 Expansion Joint w/ Cover
59 Skylight Curb (Wood Framing)
60 Skylight Curb (Steel Framing)
61 Skylight
62 Smooth Substrate Isolation Tie-in
63 Water Block

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