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An industry leader in coating and polyurethane foam roofing systems.
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Our History

Roof coatings and Pro-Tech Products have been synonymous since the late 1980’s when we began producing elastomeric roof coating. In 1989, Pro-Tech Products, Inc. officially opened its doors for business with its flagship elastomeric roof coating product, SuperiorSeal.

Since then, Pro-Tech Products has been serving the Southwestern United States with quality products and unmatched customer service as its guiding business principles. Pro-Tech Products is a recognized leader in the coatings industry in the Southwest, as well as a respected supplier of high-quality polyurethane foam roofing systems.

Leading the Industry

We provide guide specifications to architects, owners, consultants and contractors for commercial and residential projects. Our expertise has enabled us to become a valuable resource for commercial and residential roofing systems and product requirements.

Successful relationships and strategic alliances with industry experts have allowed Pro-Tech Products to develop formulations that are designed to combine the flexibility of elastomeric technology, the unique characteristics of polyurethane foam and the energy conscious concepts of reflective top coating. Our quality control procedures and access to hi-tech research laboratories allow us to continue developing better and more efficient products while guaranteeing precise and accurate formulations.

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Industry Commitment

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality roofing systems available on the market today. Through constant research and development, our company continues to create the strongest roofing systems for commercial and high-end, low-slope residential application.

Pro-Tech Products is also committed to training applicators of its Commercial and Residential Roofing Systems so that each application meets our company’s rigorous standards for safety and quality, plus all applicable building codes.

As part of our commitment to the roofing industry, we regularly attend trade shows and educational seminars focusing on new technology and techniques that affect our products and the roofing industry as a whole. Continuing education in matters related to the roofing industry help us to provide value to the clients who ultimately choose Pro-Tech Products’ Commercial and Residential Roofing Systems for their buildings.

We look forward to working with you in designing, selecting, recommending and/or installing our quality roofing products.

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